Predicting Future PSA Values Using Baseline Characteristics

The calculator gives the likely future pattern of PSA up to 8 years after radiation therapy.

Who This Applies To

This calculator is designed for patients who have recently undergone external beam radiation therapy or are contemplating radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer.

Who This Does Not Apply To

The calculator is not applicable if:

  • The patient has had the prostate surgically removed by radical prostatectomy
  • The patient has received hormonal therapy (either planned as part of the treatment or after the radiation therapy)
  • The dose of radiation is less than 55 Gray or more than 85 Gray
  • If prostate cancer has been detected in the regional nodes or has spread to other parts of the body


This calculator requires the pre-radiation treatment PSA value, the pre-treatment biopsy Gleason grade, the Clinical T-stage and the total dose of radiation.

If this information is not known, please contact your physician.

Gleason Value  
T-Stage Value  
PSA Value ng/ml
Radiation Dose Gray in the range 55-85
I understand the limitations of this

Technical note: The predictions are derived from the assumption that the patient will not receive salvage hormone therapy in the first year after radiation therapy and will not experience a clinical recurrence of the prostate cancer (local, regional or distant recurrence) within the first year after radiation therapy.