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Predicting Future Disease Progression
Using Baseline Characteristics and Post-Treatment PSA Values
for Patients Who DID NOT Receive Planned Hormone Therapy

The calculator gives the likely future pattern of PSA up to 3 years in the future and the probability of clinical recurrence of prostate cancer within the next 3 years.

Who This Applies To

This is designed for patients who have previously undergone external beam radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer and have a series of PSA measurements after radiation treatment available.

Who This Does Not Apply To

The calculator is not applicable if:

  • The patient has had the prostate surgically removed by radical prostatectomy
  • The patient has had a clinical recurrence of prostate cancer
  • The patient has received salvage hormonal therapy
  • The dose of radiation was less than 55 Gray or more than 85 Gray
  • The radiation treatment ended less than one year ago


This calculator requires the pretreatment PSA value, the pretreatment biopsy Gleason grade, clinical T-stage and radiation dose. It also requires the last day of radiation treatment, information about planned hormonal therapy and the dates and values of all PSA tests after radiation.

If this information is not known, please contact your physician.

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