Privacy Considerations

Any personal data you may enter to use this calculator is used only for the purpose of making the calculations, and is not saved, or made accessible to anyone else. You, however, may save your data on your own computer in a convenient format for use by this calculator at a later time.

Security Considerations

When you first accessed this website a pop-up window appeared asking you to view and approve the certificate. Although this may be annoying it does help protect your data by insuring all traffic between your computer and our system is encrypted. This prevents some nefarious person from grabbing the data you enter. While your name is never associated with the data you enter, it still seems prudent to encrypt the data between your computer and our servers so others could not even guess what happens while you visit.

If you do view the certificate the first time and accept it permanently (the exact wording for this will vary by browser), you will not be asked again about the authenticity of the certificate.